Psychometric Testing

Psychometric tests are a standard and scientific method used to measure individuals' mental capabilities and behavioral style. It helps students make informed decisions about their future study course. Young adults need help finding their right path. Whether they think they know what they want to do, or are unsure, choosing a career or college can be intimidating.

CollegeSmartboard™ has used Youscience® for their cutting edge technology to gather real measures of aptitudes and interests. Youscience®  uses psychometrically-valid brain games to uncover users’ natural talents, then combine those aptitude measures with interests to generate a profile. Within their profile, users can explore their aptitudes, review personalized career matches, and develop affirming language to better highlight their assets in interviews and resumes. Students play “brain games” and then explore how their natural abilities and interests fit with over 500 careers. Students have access to their results for 10 years!


Only those with an invitation can take the test through us.  If you have received the invitation to take the test, you can click the button below to sign in and begin the test.

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