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CollegeSmartboard’s primary mission is to help students win acceptance to the schools of their choice by assessing their needs and helping them navigate the myriads of steps in the college admissions process. Our guidance is based using well-established scientific approaches of problem solving.

We provide the skills and guidance to achieve the desired outcomes for students and parents with tools expressed through the Design Thinking* methodology. We further help students and parents achieve these outcomes through a creative, humanistic approach based on the methodology. CollegeSmartboard is unique in that we are the first to apply this methodology, designed for the service industry, to provide the best possible match between students and their academic goals in college.


The word “Counseling” conjures the idea of consideration at an individual level. The primary mission of CollegeSmartboard is to bring the true meaning back to “counselling” by empathizing with the student’s needs, promoting personal attention, meticulous planning and strategizing to elevate candidacy, and alleviating stress in the college admissions process. In doing so we hope to encourage students to aim higher and seek better opportunities in postsecondary education in the United States of America and open doors to a better future.


By creating better opportunities for our youth, we hope to build a better future for the world. Education has the power to transform an individual’s life by providing a path to a meaningful career and the realization of dreams. At CollegeSmartboard, our work is guided by the principles of honesty, integrity, fairness, and respect for each and every student.

* Developed by Stanford University

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