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Exceeding Your Expectations

CollegeSmartboard has earned a hundred percent success rate with its students because we go out of our way to provide truly personalized attention to each student and individualize their candidature for college admissions by finding the right fit. With our single-point-of-service counseling, your student will develop a counseling relationship with a trusted advisor for one-on-one counseling. Our goal is not only for our students to get admission to their school of choice but also match it such, that the student enjoys the college experience and graduates with success.  We offer different plans where we meet in person or online (for long distance clients) to chart out details for an individualized plan. Students who hope to gain admission to top schools start as early as 9th grade whereas some 12th graders seek help with proofreading their essays. Our team of experts - college professors, line and copy editors, and financial aid specialists can work with you to help navigate the tedious process of applying to colleges. Read on to learn more about what we can do for you.

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Understanding CollegeSmartboard

We'd like you to think of us as your extended family. We are on your side. We want your child to succeed as much as you do. Although we can't guarantee admission to a specific university, we work hard to find the right fit for your child. Securing admission is important; succeeding and graduating from college is the real goal. We work with you and your child to chart a strategy to create a profile so that they stand out in the application pool. We help match student interests and strengths to colleges and their various majors. We suggest links and financial aid opportunities that may help you. Most importantly, we make ourselves available during your child's first year of college for any questions you or they may have.

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Work with CollegeSmartboard

As you prepare to step into your future, remember you created it! It may seem confusing and daunting at first but we're here to walk you through the process of college admissions. You can start as early as 9th grade or begin anywhere along the way that you need help. We talk to you in-depth regularly and chart out a game plan for you so that you put your best foot forward and standout in the application pool during college admissions. We suggest what classes you should take in high school, when and what standardized tests to take. When you're ready to apply to colleges, we discuss where you want to apply and why. We guide you through the entire application process. We provide brainstorming for essay topics, writing and editing. Your school counselors may not have enough time to review the details that matter to you. Not only can we answer your questions, but our knowledgeable team can provide suggestions and ideas even during your first year of college.

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