CollegeSmartboard Onboarding for

U.S. Students

Process for Onboarding U.S. Students

  • Initial consult. (free) (in person or online)

    • Assess needs.

    • Provide general idea of what we do.

      • Four Year map.

      • Discuss Price

      • Discuss goals

  •  Notify selection and stipulations. (free)

  • Sign contract (online)

  • Mail forms (online)

  • IMPORTANT – In- depth meeting with student and parents (3 hrs in person or online)

  • Student is on board.

What we do in the course of 4 years:


1. Create a profile to personalize your portfolio

2. Guide and keep track of your extracurricular activities.

3. Use planning tools to record goals and strategize plans to reach those goals.


4. Discuss your passion and future careers to match.

5. If needed give career assessments to learn about yourself and find pathways that are right for you.

6. Identify right tests for you and the time to prepare for them accordingly.


7. Provide personal attention to you that is not available at your school.

8. Guide you with class choices provided at your school and create curriculum rigor.

9. Plan high school courses to find out what you need each year to meet graduation requirements of school/state/country.


10. Guide you to select SAT/SAT subject tests/ACT.

11. Remind you to take the tests in a timely manner.

12. Help explore colleges, programs and majors to find what best suits your goals.

13. Lead you to understand the college application process.

14. Walk you through the different steps of the application process in accordance with deadlines for Early Action, Early Decision and Regular application deadlines.

15. Help you in the Essay writing process – brainstorming, scaffolding and editing.


16. Help you learn about out State and Federal financial aid and scholarships.

17. Determine the cost of college and how much you will need.

18. Help find scholarships.

19. Help access applications for scholarships, grants, loans, and the FAFSA.


20. Help build the student’s confidence and build clarity.

21. Help alleviate family confusion and stress.


22. To those who go through our system, we provide free consultation through the course of their first year in college for any “academic, adjustment, understanding the system” problems they may have.