Our Mission Statement


Our primary mission is to help students win acceptance to their dream schools using our unique copyrighted techniques based on the Six Sigma* and Design Thinking** methodologies.

About Us

CollegeSmartboard is a comprehensive college admission counseling service for high school students bound for colleges in USA. It is a subsidiary of ABCCs LLC.

Our goal is to facilitate the process of building candidature to help students win acceptance to their dream schools using our own copyrighted strategies based on the Six Sigma* and Design Thinking** methodologies.

We work with students to individualize their candidature for college admissions by helping them:


1. Navigate through high school courses
2. Select extracurricular activities to their advantage
3. Create customized college lists based on student specifications
4. Understand the needs of the application forms
5. Develop standardized test strategies
6. Bring attention to required paperwork in a timely manner
7. Help brainstorm and edit essays
8. Prep students for interviews
9. Assist in scholarship / financial aid search
10. Help athletes find and be able to play in college
10. Address queries during the transition year – Freshman year of college!


In today’s knowledge-based economy, being well informed is critical for survival and success. We strive to equip our clients with answers to their questions for college admissions. Based on the student’s grade level, we offer different packages, where we either meet face-to-face or online, to make an individualized strategy. We provide support throughout our contract by being available always to answer their questions.

Our help and personal attention to each student alleviates stress and brings clarity as we provide information and assist the family and/or student to find the best fit for college. This makes the college application process less daunting and an enjoyable family experience before the student leaves home for college. All client confidentiality is maintained.

We have 14+ years of experience in higher education and international education. Our team consists of college professors, line and copy editors and financial aid experts who go above and beyond to help the students. Please email info@CollegeSmartboard.com or contact us here for more information.


* Developed by Motorola

** Developed by Stanford University